Other Services

Property Evaluation

We can save you time and money by visiting properties in which you are interested or by meeting with VHDA, HUD, or local housing authority staffs regarding your current properties. Astoria delivers a detailed report evaluating the properties you currently own and answering all the questions necessary for you to decide whether or not to move forward with a property purchase.

Tax Credit Syndication:

We can keep you updated on the syndication market, provide syndicators with the information they need to quickly and accurately evaluate your property, and work with them to help you obtain the best price for your credits. We can save you additional legal fees by carefully reviewing your letter of intent before it is seen by attorneys. We can help you build credibility with syndicators and give them confidence that they will attain their required yield.

Private Activity Bonds Issue

If VHDA bonds are not working for you we can help you finance your deal using private activity bonds thought one of the local housing authorities. Our experienced attorneys, underwriters, trustees and issuers will make the process as smooth as possible.

Project Management

Need someone to structure your deal, obtain bids, close the financing and oversee the total development? Handle all or part of the development for you. We can teach you the skills needed to keep the deal on tract and make it a success.